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One of the things we value most at Commercial Realty Services of Long Island Inc. is our commitment to customer service. You can count on us for professional real estate services with an emphasis on honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Our clients and customers deserve the highest level of customer satisfaction attainable. We don't just meet expectations, we exceed them. 'Raising the Bar in Customer Satisfaction' says it all. It's our tag line, but more importantly, it is the foundation on which our business is built.

Raising the Bar in Customer Satisfaction


Jack Britvan SIOR

CEO & President

Jack Britvan has been a successful Commercial Real Estate Broker for over 40 years. His achievements include both large and small transactions, as well as very complicated to simple renewals. Jack is known throughout the commercial brokerage community as a leader in the industry who is not only knowledgeable and a deal maker, but also extremely ethical. It is not unusual to have fellow brokers approach Jack to arbitrate a commission dispute with fellow brokers. Landlords also call upon Jack to help secure deals. For example, Jack was called upon by a major landlord to assist in valuating some of their properties. After an appraisal was done by both the lender and the landlord's appraisers, the landlord wanted to get more equity and hired Jack to prepare a BOV (Broker's Opinion of Value). Jack was able to find $8,000,000 - $11,000,000 of additional value. Unlike an appraiser, Jack understands the true and potential value of commercial real estate.


Jack Britvan is known as one of the most charitable commercial real estate professionals on Long Island. For more than 20 years, Jack has served on the Long Island Board of the American Cancer Society and has raised millions of dollars in the hope of finding a cure or treatment for cancer. In 2005, Jack was honored by the American Cancer Society during the Great American Smokeout for being a catalyst in creating Nassau County's smoking bans, which have spread throughout New York State as well as other states. In November 2005, Jack received the SIOR Community Service Award for that smoking ban. Jack is Long Island's longest active member of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR), and the Vice President of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors (NYSCAR).



Our brokers have received ethics training and conduct themselves knowing that the customer's needs come first. Our seasoned professionals average more than 35 years of experience in commercial real estate on Long Island.


At times, a customer may question, "Why would you negotiate the lowest obtainable price if your compensation increases by our paying more?" Our staff believes that you come first. We would not have any compensation if you did not believe that our sole objective was to protect your best interests. Our business survives on repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals, and this only happens if your interests come first!

We take professional pride in representing you in your search for the best office and industrial space. Our average of 35 years of experience has taught us how to associate with different landlord personalities as well as how to pre-negotiate and make financial changes prior to lease abstracts being drawn. We will work with you every step of the way; our job is not complete until all of your needs and requirements have been met.


There are many ways that landlords use language in leases that can be very problematic, or even tricky. Sometimes this language may reflect hidden costs or restrictions within a lease. Even the use of a single word can drastically alter financial and/or use terms.  A commercial lease must be carefully scrutinized and taken very seriously.








Purchasing and Selling of Commercial Properties

Our brokers are aware of the history regarding the buildings on Long Island. Our brokers know the right questions to ask, and they can direct you to the areas on Long Island that best suit your company's operations. Our brokers are very creative in structuring your requirement by raising roofs, adding loading docks, as well as negotiating purchase options.


Commercial Property Management

Britvan Realty Associates is the management company of Commercial Realty Services of Long Island Inc.

We manage office, industrial, retail, and multi-residential properties throughout New York State. Our 50 years of management experience gives us in-depth knowledge about how to make your tenants happy while preserving building income. Our affiliated management company, Property Managers Advisors, LLC (link to website) assists Britvan Realty Associates on specific management projects.


Businesses looking to lease office, industrial or retail space have relied on our tenant representation experience and expertise. The company's extensive knowledge of the local market has earned it the reputation as a local leader in tenant representation. Prior to having an office on Long Island, 4 of the 6 national commercial real estate companies solely chose Commercial Realty Services of Long Island as their co-broker. On occasion, we still service accounts even though those national brokerage companies are located on Long Island! Bigger is not always better! Even the nationals know that! This knowledge and experience ensures each customer a lease and term negotiated from a position of local market strength. Tenant representation customers include businesses of all types and sizes that are seeking to lease property on Long Island.


Our brokers care more about your requirements than our commissions. This is why we co-broker most requirements for space that is not on Long Island.


Commercial: Office Properties

Industrial: Warehousing, Distribution, Manufacturing, Lab and R&D

Retail: Strip Centers, Pad Sites


A tenant representative works exclusively for his customer to ensure that he or she will get the best deal possible in leasing a property. Why is it so important to work with a tenant representative prior to and during a lease negotiation? Would you go to court without an attorney? Think about it. Don't you want an expert on your side of the table working hard to negotiate the best lease, get the best terms, and complete the transaction with less stress? Landlords usually have in-house Real Estate Experts and you should too! Commercial Realty Services of L.I. becomes an extension of your Real Estate Department.



We work in teams only when the requirement calls for expertise that is needed from another Real Estate Professional. You get expertise from a 35-year professional. This way you will be speaking to the active broker handling your requirements and not just a point of contact.


We are a local commercial real estate company who answers to only one person that's YOU, the customer.



We don't have new salespeople run deals by themselves. On average, our brokers have been involved in commercial real estate on Long Island for over 35 years.  Yes, that's not a misprint. We have experienced over 35 years of commercial development on Long Island. We are ethical brokers with untarnished reputations.


We don't count our commissions before a deal is completely executed. In other words, our customers' needs come first. We know that we will be paid at the conclusion of the transaction and work for our customers first. It's our expertise that you are counting on. Our knowledge and relationships mean little if we don't have customers to represent.



In a conventional transaction, a real estate broker has a legal fiduciary responsibility to represent the interest of the seller or landlord. Generally, as an exclusive tenant or buyer representative, a broker is able to act in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of the interests of the customer. A customer that hires an exclusive tenant or buyer agent is more likely to receive unbiased objective advice and a party committed to serving their interests.



Site and Facility Analysis: The exclusive agent will help to evaluate the location using demographic analysis, traffic knowledge and count information, public transportation availability, and labor availability. The broker may also advise the customer on issues regarding a specific building based on the broker's experience and knowledge of the facility.



Market Price Comparisons: The broker will utilize comparable transaction and availability information to help the customer understand market conditions.



Negotiating Tactics and Strategies: Assisting the customer in negotiating the term of a real estate transaction is a central part of a broker's job. Analyzing all aspects of the transaction and evaluating the positions of both sides of the transaction enables the broker to effectively advise and negotiate on behalf of its customer.

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Site and Facility Analysis
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Working with private and public companies over a 40-plus year career, protecting and negotiating for our customers, we have and continue to consult on commercial real estate needs across the United States. When needed, our SIOR affiliation to America's top 3,000 commercial real estate brokers becomes a great asset!

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Raising the Bar in Customer Satisfaction

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Raising the Bar in Customer Satisfaction
Market Price Comparisons
Negotiating Tactics and Strategies


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