Buying, selling or looking to lease or manage your commercial estate can become a stressful matter with unsuitable tenants and not to mention a lease you don’t completely understand. You may be looking for a long-term solution as this is where your business will operate and making bad choices can risk putting a hold on business operations and spending/losing money. The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors or simply known as SIOR is an organization comprised of a professional group of realtors specialized in this field.

They have over 3,000 members across 34 countries in the world. An SIOR broker is a certified member with an SIOR designation which is the highest level of knowledge within the real estate industry. Their degree is recognized by all levels of real estate professionals.

You’re in good hands with a SIOR Broker

Due to their high level of expertise, you can rest assure that you’re in good hands when dealing with an SIOR broker to help you with your real estate matters. SIOR also have members who are educators, corporate executives, developers and more related to the real estate industry.

Advantages of SIOR

  • A professional with an SIOR designation has a minimum of 5 to 10 years experience in industrial or office properties.
  • SIOR designees adhere to the highest practices in the real estate industry
  • Each member must have a good record with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in order to practice in their SIOR designee capacity.

Bearing the pros in mind, it is clear to see why choosing an SIOR broker to assist you is better for you and your business in the long run.

If you’re looking to get your commercial estate purchased, leased or looking to have it managed then get in touch with Jack Britvan (SIOR) and let him and his team assist you.

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