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One of the things we value most at Commercial Realty Services of Long Island Inc. is our commitment to customer service. You can count on us for professional real estate services with an emphasis on honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

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We are required by New York State licensing to place the following statement on our home page even though Commercial Realty Services of Long Island does not rent or lease residential housing.  FAIR HOUSING NOTICE: COMMERCIAL REALTY SERVICES OF LONG ISLAND, LLC COMPLIES WITH FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL FAIR HOUSING LAWS TO PROTECT INDIVIDUALS FROM HOUSING DISCRIMINATION.
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The Power Of Understanding

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Jack Britvan SIOR
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Jack Britvan, SIOR has 43 years of experience in Commercial Real Estate. Over 30 years as an SIOR Designated Member and his reputation regarding Ethics, position Jack as an Expert Witness that carries weight in and out of a Court Room. His achievements include both large and small transactions, as well as very complicated to simple renewals. Jack is known throughout the commercial brokerage community as a leader in the industry who is not only knowledgeable and a deal maker, but also extremely ethical. It is not unusual to have fellow brokers approach Jack to arbitrate a commission dispute with fellow brokers. Landlords also call upon Jack to help secure deals. For example, Jack was called upon by a major landlord to assist in valuating some of their properties. After an appraisal was done by both the lender and the landlord's appraisers, the landlord wanted to get more equity and hired Jack to prepare a BOV (Broker's Opinion of Value). Jack was able to find $8,000,000 - $11,000,000 of additional value. Unlike an appraiser, Jack understands the true and potential value of commercial real estate.

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"We work in teams only when the requirement calls for expertise that is needed from another Real Estate Professional. You get expertise from a 35-year professional. This way you will be speaking to the active broker handling your requirements and not just a point of contact.."

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"Jack Britvan is a master at his trade. He is dedicated to assist you accomplish your needs. He negotiated a long term lease that wouldn't have been possible without his intervention. His knowledge and skills are second to none. Would not engage with anyone else for any real estate matters and advise."

- Boris Klerer


"Jack Britvan is a unique and highly accomplished businessman and Real Estate broker. His honesty, integrity, and knowledge are without equal. Having spent over 38 years in the Real Estate industry - 24 years with Kimco Realty Corporation serving as their Director of Property Management - I have met hundreds of brokers from around the United States during my career. One person stands out far above the crowd... Jack Britvan."

- Jim Sheuchenko


"I have been working with Jack Britvan for more than 35 years. He is knowledgeable and gets the job done. I am always confident to recommend him. He is definitely the go to guy in this area."

- Paul Kaplan


"30 years a real estate broker. And 30 years with CRS. I could have had my pick of regional and national firms but it was the association with Jack Britvan that allowed my career to grow. Thank you Jack for your solid mentoring and staggering depth of real estate knowledge."

- Bart Oberyant

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