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Our brokers are aware of the history regarding the buildings on Long Island. Our brokers know the right questions to ask, and they can direct you to the areas on Long Island that best suit your company's operations. Our brokers are very creative in structuring your requirement by raising roofs, adding loading docks, as well as negotiating purchase options.

Britvan Realty Associates is the management company of Commercial Realty Services of Long Island Inc. We manage office, industrial, retail, and multi-residential properties throughout New York State. Our 50 years of management experience gives us in-depth knowledge about how to make your tenants happy while preserving building income. Our affiliated management company, Property Managers Advisors, LLC assists Britvan Realty Associates on specific management projects.
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"We work in teams only when the requirement calls for expertise that is needed from another Real Estate Professional. You get expertise from a 35-year professional. This way you will be speaking to the active broker handling your requirements and not just a point of contact.."

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